About CliCli
CliCli is an efficient game creation tool with a global distribution platform consisting of user generated content. We are a team of 200+ passionate industry professionals aiming to build new game experiences with creators around the world. The long term success of creators is our top priority.
CliCli is powerful at creating various genres of games. Whether MOBA, TD, RTS, Roguelike or Survival, one can faciliate preset modules and game tuning infrastructures to expedite game making process substantially. ECA trigger system is implemented to lower coding barriers and empower one-man creation. Developers can also freely utilize thousands of built-in assets and take part in long-term monetization.
Currently at Alpha stage we are hosting several initiatives to reward talented creators, including Game Jams, monthly recurring events, and long term partnership programs. CliCli continues the strive to build an innovative platform and a healthy ecosystem where creators may achieve financial sucess, and bring their creative ideas to life.
  • Enable brilliant creations with simple and accelerated means
  • Every creator feels valued, inspired, and appreciated
  • Creators take part in building a sustainable UGC community while achieving financial success
No Programming Required

- ECA(Event, Condition, Actions) triggers promote high productivity and efficient development speed.

- Creators that wish to program directly may use Lua API and plugins.

Serverless Infrastructure
- Server related requirements are removed when developing multiplayer games, as it is handled directly by the platform.
Free-To-Use Assets
- With thousands to use, our constantly expanding resource library and asset store includes editable characters, buildings, decorations, customizable particles, user interfaces, skyboxes, music, sound effects, and more.
Creator Favored Revenue Share
- We offer flexible monetization models, with options like F2P, P2P, subscriptions & battle passes.
Full Game Lifecycle Support

- One single service of editing tools, distribution, customer support, content moderation, payment processing, user acquisition, community management, and long-term monetization offered to set developers up for success.

- One click publishing to multiple platforms, with continuous operational maintenance.

- Limited-time sales, campaign management, and data analysis features provided.

Complete Social Experience
- Integrated game configurations including communities, events, in-game avatars, multiplayer matchmaking, ranking, friends, lobby, and voice call functions.
Social Media